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The Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd is about all things traditional and concerned with the conservation and study of Sabah’s varied customs that are intrinsically linked to her incredible natural heritage. We feel very strongly that tourism can become an integrated form of conservation and help visitors and locals alike understanding Sabah, and the need and urgency for conservation of its environment and cultures on every level.  

With long experience in tourism and with many field expeditions behind us we have designed a series of tours that differ from the mainstream offer in that we really take you to places off the beaten track. With us you meet and mingle with the locals – our tours are really bridges between cultures!

Maybe what we promote is true eco-tourism, even though the word may be a bit overused these days: what really is eco-tourism? The term was coined in 1983, by Hector Ceballos-Lascurian, and what he meant by it is now framed in the generally accepted definition of ecotourism, forged mostly by Ceballos-Lascurian and presented in 1993 at the IUCN Ecotourism Programme:

Environmentally responsible travel and visitation to relatively undisturbed natural areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate nature (and any accompanying cultural features – both past and present) that promotes conservation, has low visitor impact, and provides for beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local populations.

The following are the key points of ecotourism, and all our tours and expeditions fulfill most of these criteria:


1. …involves travel to natural destinations;
2. …is environmentally responsible travel;
3. …is nature and culture based tourism;
4. …is a learning experience;
5. …is ecologically sustainable and promotes conservation;
6. …respects and benefits the local community.

Our journeys take us often far off the beaten track to natural destinations that have not been developed for tourists. We want to offer a bridge between cultures, whereby the journey becomes a learning experience for both, the local community and you the visitor. Essential to the success of our tours - besides your participation, curiosity and tolerance of course - are our well-trained, multilingual naturalist guides with skills in natural and cultural history, environmental interpretation, ethical principles and effective communication to allow you to be introduced to life in Sabah, in particular the region we are visiting.

We do not necessarily include fashionable places in our programmes as our tours relate to such diverse factors as gastronomy, structure of the family, work and social organisation, architecture, customs and traditions and other aspects that define culture.

This in turn requires tolerance from your side, and most of all flexibility. Often, our tours incorporate an element of surprise and not all may go as per itinerary. We will deal with rural people who are ever so hospitable and will welcome you warmly but we don’t want to interrupt their life and work in the villages too much. But if we come across a wedding you are welcome to join – you will be urged to join! – the festivities and celebrate with everyone, dancing the Sumazau and taste rice wine! We aim at full immersion!

To promote environmentally responsible travelling, conservation and sustainability we concentrate on small groups with highly personalised guest service. If you understand travel as an opportunity and experience that goes beyond leisure and, in spite of limited holiday time, you do not whish to do without the contact with local populations, then you will live through unforgettable adventures with us. We ensure that you get ample opportunities to communicate and interact with the local population, and fully experience their life-style with the help of your guide and interpreter who links you to the local community by friendship.

Homestay programmes have been set up for you to gain an insight into the life here. As a responsible traveller you will understand that this is, however, not professional hotel and tourism industry with all the luxury amenities that await you in the villages!

If you are prepared for adventure, if you are curious and flexible and you want to learn more about the life of the people of Borneo, if you don’t fear to rough it out sometimes for a couple of days, let yourself be inspired by our itineraries! Discover with us Sabah as it is, and help us conserve its peoples’ unique cultures and traditions! Try any of the programmes, and you might be surprised what you will experience… Of course, your ideas and thoughts are always welcome – we too, are flexible!

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