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A Short Travel Advisory

What to Take Along

Dress for the journey, not for the destination…! Generally light cotton attire is just fine in Sabah’s tropical climate, and if you are not going for ‘the real thing’ in terms of jungle trekking you will be fine with easy going footwear that provide good grip and don’t fear the occasional tropical downpour. Further take along:

  • towel, swimwear and maybe sarong

  • sun hat and sun block, rain coat, mosquito repellent & usual toiletries

  • camera & video (fully charged); spare films

  • if you have: small things that you can easily dispose of as gifts such as promotional ball-pens, lighters, some post-cards of your place… bear in mind, the local people are as curious about your place as you are about theirs!

For overnight trips

  • change of clothes for overnight stay

  • light blanket/sarong

  • torchlight and spare batteries

Food and drinks

Normally our trips include almost exclusively local meals (meaning lots of rice and vegetables) throughout – for overnight tours you may wish to take along some energy bars, and maybe sweets and the like for supplementary energy. In the villages we will eat anything that is offered, generally lots of home-grown and wild vegetables, chicken, fish and maybe wild boar or, with some luck, deer. If you have any allergies or other dietary requirements let us know, we can always arrange for the necessary if we are notified in advance!

You have to drink a lot of water, which is readily available from all shops and in the jungle from clean mountain streams. Water served in the homes of local people is always boiled. Special note: in Dusun homes it is almost always customary to serve visitors some rice wine, or cassava beer. If you cannot take alcohol, please let your guides know that they can inform the locals – otherwise you will find yourself again and again with a full glass of some fermented drink you might not like…!

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