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 The Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd

The Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd (company no: 657104/A) was incorporated in Malaysia 23 June 2004, by Mr Nichlos Duanis and Mr Herman Scholz in order to further the studies, research and conservation of the indigenous cultures and traditions of Sabah, and to create a wider awareness of Sabah’s rich traditional and historical heritage not only amongst the local people themselves, but also amongst travellers to Sabah.

With the Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd we have initiated the first step that will allow us to create a platform for an informal educational way with the aim at assisting in creating a cultured and knowledgeable society, and instilling pride amongst the many ethnic entities in Sabah, particularly amongst the Kadazandusun.

Company Philosophy

  • Keeping Sabah’s rich traditional heritage & cultures alive!

Address & Contact

Office & Atelier:

Kampung Kolopis
Off Jalan Tambunan
89000 Donggongon
Sabah – Malaysian Borneo

Company Vision

  • Be the leading contact in Sabah for authentic, traditional dances; traditional foods and drinks; constructions and other culture related issues.
  • Provide special interest tours in the discovery of the ‘real’ Sabah, which includes jungle trekking and Homestay off the beaten track.
  • Future: conduct research and studies in order to conserve Sabah’s cultures and traditions and create greater awareness of the importance of culture conservation in an intact environment amongst Sabahans and visitors to Sabah alike.

Postal Address:

PMB 69 Lot 18 Ground Floor
The Biz Centre
Lorong Lintas Plaza
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah – Malaysian Borneo

Telephone & Email:

Tel: +6016 8069098
SMS: +6019 8024133
Skype ID: Borneoherman

Email: info@flyingdusun.com

Click here for a location map

Founders of the Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd  
Nichlos Duanis @ Nick
in charge of the cultural troupe and ensemble

Of Dusun origin and long time Managing Director of the Monsopiad Cultural Village in Sabah, Nick has developed an acute sense of the urgency of the conservation of Sabah’s cultural and traditional heritage. During his eight years at the Monsopiad Cultural Village he has learned and taught most of Sabah’s cultural dances and was in charge of the dance troupe and cultural ensemble, as well as of the general maintenance of the site. This has also given him a good feel of travellers' needs and expectations, and he has gathered much experience in Sabah's growing tourism industry.

Herman Scholz
in charge of communications and research

Of Swiss origin he has graduated from the Hotel School in Lausanne and before discovering Sabah he was in charge of the general management and accounts of various establishments in France and South Africa. He has been in Sabah for the past 10 years, during most of which he has worked with a local tour operator. With a rediscovered passion for culture and their conservation he worked for two years as the Honorary Curator and in the general management of the Monsopiad Cultural Village in Sabah and is keen on helping conserve Sabah’s traditions and cultures. This includes showing them to travellers through exclusive tours and expeditions.   

Associated with the Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd

Rita Anson
in charge of traditional costumes and make-up artist

Rita is Nick's wife and works full-time at the Queen Elisabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu; she is occupied on a part-time basis at the Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd and looks after the maintenance of traditional costumes. She also takes care of the dancers' make-up for major functions.


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