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Crocker Range Trekking

Tour code: FD006

Activities Duration
Hard Core Jungle Trekking 3 days / 2 nights full board
Rates - 4 or more participants Rates - 2 or 3 participants
RM 1188 per person RM 1488 per person

This is jungle trekking at its best, through rugged and wild terrain far off the main stream of current tourism destinations. This journey promises thorough immersion into the jungle, and the local culture. Trekking in the Crocker Range demands good fitness and stamina, resilience, and a good mental preparation. The trails used by the locals to join the main road are demanding, slippery, steep and leech infested.

Trail Map


Day 1 0800 hrs - pick up from your hotel in Kota Kinabalu. We meet our jungle guides at Donggongon, where we buy some more provisions for the trekking. Then we continue on the Donggongon – Tambunan to Mile 36, from where the trekking starts: 4-5 hours from 1640 m a.s.l. to 670 m a.s.l. (7 km) take us to Kg Longkogungan, our first overnight stop.

Overnight: homestay
Meals: lunch, dinner (local)

Day 2 0900 hrs – after breakfast we continue along the Papar River to Kg Kalanggaan. To-day’s trekking takes anything from 2½ to 6 hours, over nearly 10 km. In places, the path is very steep and slippery, and you have to watch every step. We have to ford the river several times, and you need to be prepared for it. In the afternoon expect rain for a further thorough drenching. We’ll have a simple lunch-break on the way, consisting of ‘linopot’ – rice wrapped in leaves, and dried fish. In the afternoon we arrive at Kg Pongobonon, where we will stay over for a night. After dinner story telling and some rice wine.

Overnight: homestay
Meals: breakfast, packed lunch and diner (local)

Day 3 9.00 am – we have to leave our hospitable Dusun family and make for the main-road, over a trek that is used by the locals to go downtown. Again, it is tough going, with several small river crossings, and you need to expect to get wet. The path leads along the Papar River, and later along the beautiful Kelangga’an River right through the Crocker Range National Park. We will have again a simple, traditional packed lunch consisting of linopot and dried fish. The last part is again steep and very demanding. We have to walk a total of 11 km, and the last three kilometres take us from 605 m a.s.l. to 1035 m a.s.l. on Mile 25 of the Donggongon – Tambunan Road. We should arrive around 4 pm for transfer back to town. Before we take you to the hotel we reward ourselves, sweaty and all, with a sumptuous dinner at a local Chinese restaurant in Donggongon.

Overnight: no
Meals: breakfast; lunch and dinner

Trail Map

Crocker Range Trekking - the Real Thing is the same version but over 4 days and 3 nights; an extra day/night is passed at Kg Kalanggaan / Pongobonon to learn more about the Dusun life.

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