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 Experience... Sabah with the Flying Dusun

The Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd specialises in Sabah cultural dances and traditional foods and drinks and we are proud to introduce and present you our offers under the motto: “… keeping Sabah’s rich cultural heritage alive…”.

We provide traditional airport welcome to greet tourists in truly and unforgettable Sabah style, and cultural dances and performances at hotels and other venues for all occasions, and recently we have also added fire spitting to our repertoire (click on the links below to see details):

We will be happy to discuss any ideas or suggestions with you for performances at public or private venues, such as weddings and other occasions, for a truly unforgettable experience.

We also provide Sabah traditional handicraft and arts, rice wine and other local specialities and we specialise in the construction of traditional houses and decoration.

Contact us for more details and rates!