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 Experience... Sabah with the Flying Dusun

Traditional Airport Welcome

Two options for you to choose from:

Option “A”

A two-men “show”, a Kadazan lady in full Kadazan attire and a Murut Warrior in full warrior regalia welcoming your guests.

Option “B”

A welcome committee of 10: 6 gong-players and two couples attired in full Kadazan and Murut outfits respectively.

Our rates include airport transfer of the troupe and gong playing (option B only), and we can offer you Sabah beaded necklaces or other artefacts, and of course Lihing - Rice Wine - at attractive prices, which the performers can hand to your guests. We also provide a 5’ x 2˝’ welcome banner with Sabah traditional designs saying “Welcome to Sabah”.

Contact us for more details and rates!

Cultural Performances

Our professional dance group and cultural ensemble will be happy to perform for you and create for a unique and unforgettable Sabah Theme Evening for your guests. Cultural Performances can be held at any hotel in KK City or in Tuaran, and in Papar. We have two options for you to chose from:

Cultural Performance 4 Dances:

Contact us for more details and rates!

Cultural Performance 6 Dances:

Contact us for more details and rates!

The performances include, next to the cultural show:

  • Guest participation in the dances
  • Blowpipe shooting demonstration
  • Guest participation in blowpipe shooting

In the rate is also included: transport of the cultural troupe and ensemble to the venue.

If required we will stage a traditional welcome at the entrance to the venue, at no extra costs, and we can provide beaded necklaces or other artefacts, and of course Lihing - Rice Wine - attractively packaged and at competitive prices.

Kadazan Wedding

Get married “Sabah style”! We will perform a traditional Kadazan wedding for you including the following:

  • Hire of full Kadazan attire for the bride and groom
  • Hairdo, make up for bride (and groom if wished)
  • Traditional welcome of bride, groom and guests
  • Kadazan elders to perform the traditional wedding rite
  • Rice cooked in a wok and chicken drumsticks for bride and groom to seal the union in traditional fashion
  • Cultural ensemble and troupe performing the festive Sumazau dance with guest participation, and Anggalang and Mogunatip inclusive of blowpipe shooting
  • “Sosopon” - Rice wine in jars (1 jar per 10 guests)
  • Free flow of lihing (rice) wine served in “suki” (freshly cut bamboo cups)
  • Sigal-style handkerchief for the bride and groom
  • Sabah beaded necklace for all guests
  • Write up on Kadazan wedding customs

Not included in the rate are the hire of venue, wedding banquet, and other drinks than mentioned, floral arrangements etc

Contact us for more details and rates!

Other weddings, such as Bajau, Murut, Rungus or Chinese can be arranged.