Ka'amatan 2007
Sales of Lihing at DESANITA Stall During the State Level Ka'amatan 2007

by Herman, 2007

Sabah's Harvest Festival, the Tadau Ka'amatan is celebrated every year throughout the month of May, culminating in the state level celebrations 30 and 31 May.

This year The Flying Dusun Sdn Bhd was invited to sell its exclusively brewed and packaged rice wine "Headhunters' Lihing" at the DESANITA stall, in a tent erected by the Sabah Museum and displaying various other traditional foods.

DESANITA, the Pertubuhan Pembangunan Wanita Desa, Pantain Berat - Sabah (Association for the Development of Rural Women of the West Coast of Sabah), was formed to answer the call by the Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development to organise more avenues for the government to channel its assistance to women al all level of society but especially so to those that are in rural areas. DESANITA was registered 3 November 2003 by a handful of founding members who saw the need to be more useful and proactive in encouraging the advancement of women in various areas in tandem with the rapid development of the country. Its mission is to have a united group of rural women who have made it good in their various fields of endeavours to work together with DESANITA to encourage, motivate, assist and inform the less advantaged women so that they are better aware of their rights and potentials for a higher level of development in economical, educational, social, legal and health areas; and also to create a caring indigenous women community group.

It is DESANITA's vision to have a strong network of indigenous women participating with positive and strong convictions in the various areas of the development of Malaysia, and Sabah in particular. Various programmes are organised for its members throughout the year, such as:

  • Positive Image Building
  • Mother's Day Get Together
  • The Lindus Fashion Designer Award Contest
  • Women and Family Health Seminars
  • Legal Literacy Seminars
  • Seeds / Seedling Distribution to select villages
  • Bazaar with SOS Heart Fund
  • Kadazandusun & Murut Women Artist Evening (in co-operation with Radio Television Malaysia Sabah)
  • Entrepreneurship and the Indigenous Women Seminar
  • etc

During this year's State Level Ka'amatan DESANITA was showcasing traditional indigenous cooking and sold traditional Kadazandusun foods, which found much appraisal amongst the many local and international visitors to the Museum tent. Lihing, as the indigenous traditional brew of the Kadazan was just one amongst the many delectable specialities offered for tasting and sales.

The STAR (one of Malaysia's largest and leading newspapers) reporter Ruben Sario to the DESANITA booth had the following to say on Lihing: 

To learn more about DESANITA and its ongoing programmes please contact its president, Datuk Christine Tibok-Vanhouten,

      DESANITA, Block 16, Lot 1 - 1st Floor
      Bandar Baru Penampang
      88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

      Tel: +60 88 724688

or contact us directly by email.

New bottle format - 165ml


Lihing promotion during the 2007 State Level Ka'amatan

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