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Padas White Water Rafting

Tour code: FD052

Activities Duration
Train Ride, White Water Rafting full day
Rates - 4 or more participants Rates - 2 participants
RM 228 per person RM 248 per person

White Water Rafting down the Padas River through the Padas Gorge is a great adventure, and great fun, too. It is an adventure for everyone, young and old, swimmer or non-swimmer. By the time you start rafting you’ll look terribly professional, with helmet and real serious life vest, clutching your paddle, ready to meet the falls and cataracts of up to grade 4 of the Padas River.

The White Water Rafting on the Padas River usually starts at 7 am, with pick up from your hotel/resort in Kota Kinabalu and transfer to Beaufort, from where you board Borneo’s only train to Pangi Station, the starting point of the white water rafting.

Before you are let down the river your guides and rafters brief you on safety precautions and on rafting techniques. You’ll know you are in safe hands when you see the rafters, real professionals who do this every day and know the river like the back of their hands! But mind you, the river has its quirks and mind of its own, and everyday the rafting is a new adventure. Your rafter who controls the course of the boat relies on you for keeping the boat moving in the right direction.

There are usually 4 to 6, but sometimes up to 10 people per boat, specially designed rubber inflatables that can take the rough ride on the river. You sit on rather slippery, inflated rubber banks and it is advisable that you wear over your bathing suit some light cotton shorts for a better grip on the seat.

You will get thoroughly wet, there is no escape! Wear your bathing suit ready under your clothes, because you have to change in the train. Your dry clothes and other possessions will remain at Rayoh, the ending point of the White Water Rafting. On your rafting day, don’t wear any jewellery and other valuables, leave them all at the hotel in the safe deposit. Contact lenses are not recommended either (you will be given rubber bands to fasten your glasses to your head…), and cameras that are not waterproof are not ideal on the boat. You may want to wear some sandals for the rafting, but make sure they are tightly fastened to your feet. Tongues, or what we call here ‘slipars’, are not ideal, they tend to float away when you are thrown out of the boat or when you go for body rafting.

After the rafting, which can take anything between 1 – 2 hours, you arrive at the Rayoh Station, where your operator is running a small lodge with shower and bathroom facilities, and where you can change into your dry clothes. A light BBQ lunch is served before you wait for the train and head back to Beaufort, and from there back to Kota Kinabalu.


0715 hrs (depending on hotel) transfer from KK to Beaufort Town (distance 90 km)
0930 hrs upon arrival in Beaufort board train for Pangi Station – the Starting Point of the white water adventure
1205 hrs arrive at Pangi Station. Light refreshments, safety briefing
1445 hrs ca - arrive at Rayoh Station – the Ending Point. BBQ Lunch and drinks
1500 hrs train back to Beaufort
1640 hrs arrive at Beaufort Railway Station. Transfer back to hotel (by coach)
1840 hrs ca - arrive at hotel, tour ends

Meals: lunch

Inclusive of:

• Coach transfer (aircon) to and from Beaufort
• Train ride
• Rafting safety equipment
• Lunch
• Certificate

Not included:

• other meals than stated, drinks

Recommended Personal Gear

Light tropical attire over bathing suit, change of clothes, towel, waterproof casing if you intend to use your camera; do not wear jewellery and contact lenses. 
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Wet fun - Padas White Water






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